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Is 27 too old to be attractive? I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for less than a year, but the lust has always gone out of the window. It fucking sucks, and I miss having fun. I don’t want to deal with feeling unattractive and undesired and bad about myself.

You’re hot. Dump your boyfriend. Use the rest of the pandemic to do some work on yourself, and by work, I mean an intense emotional and cognitive inventory of why you even feel the need to be partnered in the first place.

Honestly, what’s in it for you? I am challenging you to stare long and hard at your programming and assess why you allow yourself to stay in relationships where you feel unattractive and undesired by your partner. 

Life is too precarious to waste your time with mediocrity. Your relationship expired months ago, and I get that you’ve been afraid to toss it because all the stores are closed, but I promise, at your healthiest, you will realize that it’s better to be in no relationship at all than be in one that’s gone sour.

In other words, stop fucking settling, especially now.


16 thoughts on “On classic advice

  1. Charlene says:

    “Life is too precarious to waste your time with mediocrity”

    Good to see you back; I almost couldn’t believe it!

  2. Rocket Grunt says:

    Can we talk about the “too old to be attractive” part? Because I’m sick of the idea that women expire at a certain age. I’m 29 and I’m starting to realize that not only will I still be pretty after my next birthday, I will also still be fun and lovable and worthy of basic human respect.

    • wt says:

      I remember being 25, staring at myself in a nightclub bathroom, thinking I have maybe 5 more years before it all goes downhill. I’m 35 now and I look better than ever.

    • Rose says:

      That comment seriously broke my heart! I’m only 29 but I remember feeling so “old” when I was like… 23, 24, 25. Society really done fucked us up, huh?

  3. Chris says:

    When I was in my 20’s, I thought women peaked in their 30’s. As I get older, I find a lot of very beautiful women who are older than I am, and do not find myself all that interested (looks or other-wise) in younger women.

    I mean, really, what would a girl do for me that a woman wouldn’t do better?

  4. Brisseida says:

    Would love for you to elaborate on the 27 being too old part. I’m in my early thirties and i’m tired of hearing that my prime is behind me.

  5. JY says:

    I have this same issue a little bit, but I don’t know if it’s because of my own self-esteem issues. He says he finds me attractive but I don’t feel the lust for me. I want him to make me feel beautiful. But maybe it’s my own issues that keep me from feeling that way…

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