On college girls

So I live in a house with a bunch of girls at school but the two who I share a floor with are kind of raging bitches. One of them is a selfish mess, she lacks the capacity to think of anyone but herself and has put the whole house in danger from her careless actions (left stove on, leaves door unlocked…etc) and I’m always forced to clean up after her. The other one has just always been snarky and has this attitude that “people who are nice don’t have backbones”. Both of these girls have that kind of attitude, they crave attention from people who are cruel to them and are awful to people who are nice to them in a painfully passive aggressive way. I survived last semester (barely) by cleaning up after them and generally being their doormat. I can be mean when I have to but..I am generally a nice person and I am actually I guess afraid to start issues with them because when I have tried to be straightforward with them in the past they just attack me in a passive aggressive bitchy way and act like they aren’t angry with me while making rude comments. I am DREADING going back to school (this is also my final semester so I’d like it to be a good one) and I’ve been thinking maybe I should just be mean to them because it seems like they want that attention. Basically I don’t really know how to deal with these people for three and a half more months without being constantly irritated by their behavior and presence. Is there a way?

You’re just as bad as they are, sugar tits.


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