On consequences

A long time ago I needed cash. A guy paid me to do some foot fetish stuff for him on camera. Kinky, bdsm related. No sex or nudity. Under a fake name. Kind of…silly. It didn’t turn me on but it didn’t particularly bother me either. I had no regrets until I found out the guy is selling and distributing the footage (ha) on the internet.

Now. I know this is illegal because I never signed a contract, but at the same time I can’t afford a lawyer to sort shit out. I also know I was pretty naive to let someone videotape me in the first place. But I was young and the internet hadn’t exploded yet. I have forgiven myself.

What I can’t get over is how bad I look in the video. I mean, chubby and shapeless and pale and unkempt. I’ve since lost weight, only to reveal a set of impeccable cheekbones and a pretty cute torso. But the old images haunt me.

As I’m sure happens to most people with embarrassing, incriminating photos, I have panicked about the Worst Case Scenario. Honestly, if someone I knew discovered this, I can see myself defending my choice to be in the damn thing, but I can’t defend how shitty I used to look. And for the whole world to see!

What he’s doing isn’t illegal. Contract or not, he paid you. It’s work-for-hire, and it’s implicit that he owns all rights to the work.

Since there’s no sex or nudity, he’s not bound by the 2257 record keeping requirements, so you can’t even challenge his paperwork. Ironically, if you had fucked him on camera, you’d be able to go after him for violation of Title 18.

You made a shitty decision, and these are the consequences.

Lesson learned.


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