On ending it already.

I have girlfriend for six years and I am 21 btw. The thing is I think we don’t have a lot of common interests. I want to break up. The problem is, Ma’am, she loves me so much and wants to marry with me one day. I don’t want to marry with her and also I don’t want her to waste her time with me. When I try to explain myself about this situation she starts to cry hard and because I don’t want to depress her more, I stop talking. I know that if I keep postponing this marriage conversation, I’ll depress her more. What should I do?

You were a child when you met this girl. Now it’s time to be a fucking man. Break up with her! Show her some mercy by making it clean and quick, but definitely end it.

Who cares if she’s gonna cry? Do you think a few tears are worth a lifetime in a loveless marriage? Six years is a good run, but it’s time to move on.

Also, I’m sure in whatever country you’re from it’s respectful to say “Ma’am.”

Here it’s just creepy.


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