On the day after.

So I am writing you from bed. It is almost 3 pm, I didn’t go to sleep until 9 am, and had the most fun coked out night with my girlfriends. But my question is this, I hate being so useless the next day. Is this a sign of bad coke, doing too much, or just being a pussy and not wanting to get out of bed? What are your routines or advice for the day after an amazing night (and morning)? love your writing. we need more powerful and spicy women in the world like you.

Wait. Cat? Is that you? When did you start reading my blog, girl? Trippy.

First of all, it wasn’t bad coke. It was really good coke. And yes, considering you weigh ninety pounds wet, just by keeping up you probably do too much.

For what it’s worth, I’m still in bed too. I finally got to sleep around nine as well, and I was so fucked up that I woke up high this morning. Still high, actually.

As for routines, I’ll start with a good half hour of mirror steaming massaging shower head me-time followed by a terry cloth robe the size of Montana.

Then I’ll go through my phone and assess the damage from last night. This might lead to trouble, because I’ll be willing to trade a garbage bag full of blowjobs if one of my boys will come over and give me a foot rub.

Odds are that I’ll settle for ordering Pink Dot and reorganizing the contents of my bathroom drawers so I at least felt like I did something with my day.

Take it easy, sister.


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