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On creation

Any idea how everything was created? I’m trying to figure out what I believe, and it seems that the process of elimination seems to be the easiest way at this point.

I’m not exactly asking for advice, I know, but I figure your advice would be as good as any (and better than some). Thanks for reading, and thanks for the column!


The problem with creation myths is that they’re the inevitable result of a human mind trapped in a four dimensional relativistic paradigm in which the universe has a causal arrow of time.

We can’t help but notice the clock ticking, and being the inquisitive little monkeys that we are, we can’t help but ask ourselves how it all got started. Thing is, I think it might end up being a silly question.

The fact that the clock is ticking in the first place is most likely gonna turn out to be a limitation of our skewed perception. I’m not saying time doesn’t exist. I’m just saying our species has a pretty shitty track record of making assumptions about the nature of the universe.

Hell, it took us a while just to figure out that the planet was round. We’ve made some lovely improvements since then, but I think this linear, creationist interpretation of the universe is merely a stage in our cognitive evolution.

If our species is lucky enough to develop and get a peek at that next level shit, I have a sneaking suspicion that one day, asking how everything was created will be similar to asking what happens when you sail off the edge of the Earth.


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