On getting over an abortion

I recently had an abortion. My partner had a bit of a tough time dealing with my emotional wreckage afterward so he talked to his mum about what he was feeling. She’s now visiting both of us and cannot stop talking about how excited she is about becoming a grandmother (her step-son and his wife are having a baby). She keeps asking me my opinion on names for the baby, if I want to go shopping with her for toys and clothes. I told her that I am happy for her but I can’t participate in all the baby stuff at the moment but she won’t let up. My boyfriend thinks I should “just get over it”. Am I being oversensitive?

So let me get this straight.

You’re over here tying to deal with the emotional trauma of terminating a pregnancy, and your pathetic weakling of a boyfriend can’t handle it, so he runs off crying to his mommy.

Then the crusty old bitch shows up, and in a mind boggling display of self-centered thoughtlessness starts rambling on relentlessly about babies, which understandably upsets you, and your boyfriend’s response to this whole ordeal is, “just get over it.”

Sweetheart, the question isn’t whether you’re being oversensitive. The question is whether you should castrate your boyfriend before or after you kick his mother in the face.

He does not get to utter the words “just get over it” ever again. Do you understand me? Not once. Ever. You are entitled to as much time, love, and support as you need from him to deal with your emotions over that abortion.

Be strong, sister. Don’t put up with his punk ass shit, and don’t ever let him forget about his culpability in that abortion. Never hesitate to remind him that however tough he thinks it’s been for him, it has been infinitely worse for you.

Also, don’t be afraid to tell his mother to shut the fuck up.


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