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On vapid people

You seem like the kind of person that would absolutely hate the vapid people you talk about in your blog. What makes you want to stick around L.A.?


The world is full of vapid people, darling. They’re everywhere. At least in Los Angeles there is a whimsy and caprice that gives the pointlessness a certain kind of charm.

Besides, my heart’s not filled with hate. I’ve come to appreciate the bubbly, effervescent flavor of vapid that’s cultivated out here. It’s a lot more healthy than the angry, bitter version that grows wild in other regions of the country.

Most of the time, I don’t mind the douchebaggery. I can be at a club and Sir Douchealot, king of all douchebags, can swagger up to me sweating velveeta from every pore thinking he’s gonna lay some game and I’ll be perfectly okay with it. I’ll even let him sit down and open with his best move, because that motherfucker is playing checkers when I’m playing chess.

If I’m in the right mood, that kind of shit is fun for me, because everyone is a human being, even that poor, unfortunate little boy trapped under all that Affliction and hair gel. You’d be surprised, even in LA, how quickly people stop talking bullshit and start connecting at a personal level once you make the slightest overture of respect and intelligence.

Nobody is so vapid that you can’t find something to share with them, and quite frankly, every time I convince a meat head to shave his chin strap beard or finish his degree, I make the world a better place.


6 thoughts on “On vapid people

  1. Kristen Lee says:

    I’m in a mood where I go way back in time to comment on shit that makes me laugh so hard! Thanks for this…

    • Valerie says:

      Yup. I’ve never commented before this week, but with the site in a brownout, I’m randomly going through it and commenting here and there.

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    • Cop Lady says:

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