On dating a loser

What do I do with a guy who’s terrible on paper? I’m dating a 24 year old (I’m also 24, and for context I’m working full-time and applying to grad school) who works three days a week at a pizza place, spends everything he makes on a combination of fast food and comic books, and has no viable career goals. He’s also considerate, funny, smart, and by far the most intellectually compatible person I’ve dated. We’ve been together 10 months, and I’ve started to voice my frustration at his refusal to take care of himself or plan for his future. In short, I’ve been telling a person I care deeply about that his life choices (or lack of choice/action, in this case) are unacceptable, and I feel like a dick. I fear that I just want a partner that I can be proud of, which possibly says more about me than it does about him.

You’ve been dating a loser for so long you’ve forgotten that it’s perfectly acceptable to have some fucking standards.

Don’t worry. It won’t last. Grad school is great at destroying dead-end relationships with lazy sack of shit boyfriends.

I guarantee by this time next year you’ll be wondering what in the fuck you were ever thinking.


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