On debt for a degree

I’m terrified of going into mounds of student loan debt if I go back to school to finish my degree. It mostly has to do with the fact that what I want to do with my life doesn’t require a degree but I want to finish school for the sake of finishing and the experience. Any advice?

If you can safely assume not having a degree won’t negatively affect future career opportunities in your chosen field, then “finishing college for the experience” is really no different than “flying off to Paris for the experience.”

Lots of things have experiential value, but would you go into mounds of unbankruptable debt for a vacation to Paris? Fuck no.

A college degree is no longer worth the burden of a shit ton of student loans. The scales tipped on that cost/benefit equation at some point in the last decade, so unless you can point to something specific with enough value to justify going into debt, don’t fucking do it.


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