On dmt

I’ve already had some profound revelations that will stay with me for the rest of my life from two acid trips and I will be doing many more. I know a guy who is making DMT as I type this, and I want to try smoking it. What are your thoughts on the drug?

If acid is like spending an afternoon splashing around in a swimming pool, then DMT is like plunging to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and then floating back up to the surface.

Smoke in a safe, silent space with someone who’s been there before and knows what they’re doing. Go into it with an open mind and an open heart. Don’t treat it as recreation. Treat it as exploration.


4 thoughts on “On dmt

  1. Willow says:

    I finally managed to blast off six years later. I dabbed it with a nectar collector and had my friend take it out of my hand after I took the hit. I don’t remember exhaling.

    I didn’t “go” anywhere or meet any elves or aliens. I ceased to exist. I did think I was dying at first; it felt like the insides of my lungs were coated with velvet but my breathing was not labored so I let it go. Over the next few minutes I realized everything was velvet, this entire landscape was rainbow velvet hearts (mostly pinks and purples) and what I was tracking as my breathing morphed into all of it expanding and contracting. At that point I realized I was not inside this place, I was the place, and it was infinite. There was no border between me and my surroundings and as different as it was from anything I had ever experienced before, I was so overcome with conviction that this was the truth behind everything and now that I had seen it, the rest of my life would be embedded in this unending pulsating machine. I have experienced ego death on psychedelics before but this was complete surrender.
    As I was coming back to consciousness I felt every human emotion to the greatest depth of its potential at the same time, good and bad. I woke up crying, laughing, and screaming like I was having an orgasm. I told my friend that nothing matters and everything is a gift. Again, something I already knew and had experienced but it was just undeniable now. There was nothing left in me to resist it because I was just humbled by how true and obvious it felt.

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