On dreads

I’m worried that my dreads are wrong and that it’s wrong for me to have them. Historically my culture; be it American, Mexican, or Dutch, does not include dreads. They are also of no spiritual importance to me. I feel that by me having them I am misrepresenting a culture that I do not, in any way, belong to. This does not mean that I would dislike belonging to such culture, it’s merely the fact that I just don’t. I’ve been contemplating this for a long time but I think I need to cut them off.

I first got them because I wanted to break away from how society expected me, as a cis female, to look. I wanted to show people, and myself, that I didn’t care how I looked, that I wasn’t going to buy into how society believed I should look, and so forth. But now that I’ve had them for a while and have learned a lot about sociology, history, feminism, privilege, and equality, I feel that it might honestly be best for me to be rid of them.

I’m all over the place about this because it’s my hair and as much as I wish it didn’t mean a lot to me it does. I’ve grown my hair out a few times in my life and even though my hair grows quickly it still takes a long time. Can you tell I’m torn about all this?

No one gives a fuck about your stupid hair.


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