On earning your keep.

I know you’re not Miss Manners or anything but you seem to have a sense for modern day social etiquette (plus sass,) so here’s my dilemma:  I’m planning on moving in with my boyfriend and another friend of ours in a few months. We will be sharing everything so it seems right to split the rent/ bills in thirds but, as they will both be working full time while I go to school, part of me thinks that it would be alright to be paying a little less. Someone suggested I offer to do all the chores in return but something about that seems creepy. Is that totally not cool to be trying to cop out of my share or is it acceptable considering how much less money I’ll have.

Rent doesn’t come with a student discount, babe. It’s totally not cool to think you’re entitled to pay less. You do what you like, but anyone with integrity would want to hold up their end.

Quite frankly, I don’t see what the fuck’s so creepy about breaking even with a little sweat equity. Of course, I’m not so hypersensitive about traditional gender roles that I can’t recognize a potential solution when I see one.

What I’m trying to say is, doing a few dishes isn’t going to turn you into Betty fuckin’ Draper. There’s nothing wrong with earning your keep.

Then again, I’m the kind of girl who’d rather scrub a fucking toilet than have her boyfriend paying her share of the rent.


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