On ending an ugly mess.

So, there’s this girl. When we first met, she was involved in a serious long-term relationship, and we started out as friends. Things progressed and we starting fucking around November of this past year. This sort of carried on a for a little bit, until she broke up with her boyfriend. We kept hooking up through the holidays, and then made it official as a couple. Things started to get murky in late January when my roommate heard from a mutual friend that my girlfriend was still referring to her ex as her ‘boyfriend’. So, when I borrowed her computer and it opened her GMail instead of mine, I did a little spying. I found out that they had never broken up, that they were on a ‘break’, and she signed their exchanges with declarations of love, of how hard this all was on her, and of how much she missed him. I broke up with her, she broke down, freaked out with apologies, and told her ex everything. He now doesn’t want anything to do with her, and she’s still texting and calling me, telling me how much I mean to her, sending me a Valentine’s Day gift and that sort of thing. So I started fucking her again. And she started telling me she loved me. Now she sleeps over a couple nights a week, and we’re not together, but it’s obvious that she wants it to go in that direction.

I know I should draw a hard line with her, but it’s hard because I was just starting to really fall for her when this all happened. Also, she’s going through a lot of personal shit right now, and our breakup corrupted her social circle and has left her with pretty much no one. Can I just keep fucking her, when I’m moving in May and I know she’s expecting more between now and then? Or should I ditch her and spend my last semester of college hooking up with randos?

Listen, dude. When you steal someone out of a relationship, you get the kind of partner you deserve. If they’re capable of cheating with you, then they’re capable of cheating on you.

We both know that right now she’s a wounded animal looking for emotional shelter, and we also know that you aren’t that shelter. It’s not honest of you to pretend to be.

If you keep fucking her without being emotionally honest, I guarantee it’ll come back to bite you in the ass. Then again, I don’t think you’d know emotional honesty if free samples of it came packaged with Axe body spray.

This whole thing is an ugly mess, and it sounds like you’d rather spend your last semester out trying to get herpes. So yeah, in hopes of avoiding future drama, I guess you should ditch her.


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