On ex-boyfriend soldiers.

It’s been 2 months and a half since I last talked to my exboyfriend. He left to USMC basic training, and he hasn’t even written a letter. I haven’t written to him, either. Last time I heard something come out of his mouth was a ‘Get out of my life.’

Now, last night I went out with his best friend to grab some grub by the beach, and as we were talking about weather and shit, he breaks the conversations with a ‘He asked how you’re doing?’. I kept on talking, of course, ignoring the comment thinking I had heard wrong, but then he throws it in the conversation again.

I completely ignored my food and looked at him, telling him to not write shit back. To say nothing, to say he didn’t know how I was doing.

It pissed me off to know that, now, when he’s about to come back into town, is when he decides to ask how am I doing and whatnot.

I still have feelings for him, I’m not going to lie, but I really don’t know if I should see him or not once he gets back into town… that is thinking if he’d like to see me. Cuz asking for me in a dumbass letter doesn’t mean he will actually want to see me.

Please, tell me something that makes sense and it’s not what I’d like to hear… Something the bunch of hypocrites I hang out will not say. Thank you.

I dated a soldier once. My situation doesn’t apply, but rest assured that your ex will definitely want to see you when he gets back from basic training, if but for no other reason that he will be dying to stick his dick in something warm and wet.

That’s not to say you should see him. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. He’s gonna be in really good shape, and if you end up seeing him socially, you’ll undoubtedly end up breaking him off a piece of ass out of an awkward combination of curiosity and pity.

That’s when shit will get really sticky. Both of you will feel obligated to try to rekindle something that has long since died, and you’ll end up in an uncomfortable zombie-like relationship until he gets deployed.

The relationship is over, right? Then it’s best just to avoid him altogether.

(Oh, and if you were wondering, he only asked about you because he wants to know whether you’re fucking somebody else. That’s all.)


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