On feminists and vegans

I’m curious as to what you think about the “To be a Feminist is to be a Vegan” argument? Considering you’re a feminist, and clearly not vegan or vegetarian.

I had to google this ridiculousness. The argument is basically a self-serious application of the otherwise frivolous thought exercise, “If meat is murder, then are eggs are rape?” It’s an attempt to take intersectionality to an illogical conclusion by overextending intersectional feminism to include the concept of interspecies feminism.

Feminism is a movement that applies to structural inequalities in human social institutions, so the “To be a Feminist is to be a Vegan” argument ultimately fails because it conflates patriarchy with¬†anthroparchy.

Essentially, it’s a logical fallacy of false equivalence. The problems of a male dominated society are not the same as the problems of a human dominated society. Meat may very well be murder, and eggs may very well be rape, but the exploitation of animals by humans is a completely separate issue from that of human gender equality.


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