On fifteen and pregnant.

Hi, I really need your help. I’m fifteen and I’ve been going out with this guy for six months, three weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend is seventeen and he wants to be there for me and the baby. But he also wants me to move to another state with him and his family. We both currently live in New York and if I move I will have no support network. They are a rich southern family, and moved to the city so that his dad could set up another branch of his company, his mom is a southern belle and an overbearing bitch.  She always gets her way with him, his dad and his three brothers and sister. She thinks we should get married before I start showing, bear in mind that I found out about this three weeks ago. I really want to stay in New York but I know that he will go with them, and I don’t want to miss out on the chance of my baby having a dad.

Please go have an abortion. I’m serious. You are not ready to be a mother.

If you insist on making a huge mistake with your life by squirting out that dream-killing accident, then go ahead and move down south with your teenage baby daddy and his meddling family. While you’re at it, you might as well have a shotgun wedding. What’s one more shitty decision at that point?

Fucking idiot.


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