On occupying wall street.

fuck you for your lack of support to the wall street kids. you must be pretty fucking out of touch with reality. those ”bunch of fuzzy-headed antiglobalization dorks loitering around lower Manhattan confusing their own vegan farts for a whiff of revolution” include my friends, many of whom are forced to work shitty underpaid jobs without insurance just to eat. my best friend just had to have emergency surgery without insurance. compounded with her student loan debt, she’s now facing eviction. go to hell, seriously.

You’re not gonna squeeze any sympathy out of me because your friends work underpaid jobs without insurance. I’ve been there, asshole. It’s called being in your twenties. Everyone without a trust fund has to do it, so quit whining.

As for the protest, it was just a bunch of fuzzy-headed antiglobalization dorks when I wrote that two weeks ago. It’s not anymore. They’ve picked up some momentum and a few celebrity endorsements. Good for them, but it isn’t nearly enough, which has been my point all along.

This is still just the cultural equivalent of a temper tantrum. It’s steam harmlessly escaping from a pressure release valve. It’s toothless. That doesn’t mean it can’t explode into something with the potential to alter the American experience. Hopefully it will, but to do that, it’ll have to evolve way beyond an unfocused expression of socio-economic frustration. It will have to grow teeth.

Wanting more from this protest doesn’t mean I lack support for the kids out there on the street, especially when they’re getting the shit kicked out of them by the NYPD.

I’m down for the revolution. Bring it.

But so far, this ain’t it.


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