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On fighting it

I got raped the second week of college, filed a police report, and then the detective comes back telling me that I’m lying about being raped and since I didn’t mention finding the guy’s facebook nothing else I say is credible. Went to a hearing to fight the charges, the university still found me responsible for making a false police report. Just got notified that I’m suspended and banned for the spring semester. I still haven’t told my parents. Help. What the fuck do I do? As if getting raped wasn’t bad enough now I’m getting kicked out because of it. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO?

You’re dealing with a bunch of people who either don’t believe you or just want you to go away. Fuck ‘em. Fuck ‘em all. They don’t get to ignore the truth, and you aren’t going anywhere.

Lawyer up, take your story to the press, and sue the shit out of everyone — the university, the police department, the detective, the rapist — everyone.

It will be demoralizing, and there’s no guarantee that any justice will come of it, but you can’t roll over with shit like this. You have to fight it.

Don’t make it easier for them to accuse a woman of lying than it is for them to accuse a man of rape.


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