On finishing what you start

I have one semester of college left, and I just found out I got a job in Los Angeles working at a non-profit. So this white girl from a decently well off family is about to move across the country to make just under $1,200 a month. My parents are begging me not to, and promised no financial support. I’m not too worried because I’ve been working two jobs since I was a sophomore and have a couple thousand of my own to get me started along with a true streak of Irish stubbornness. Any advice? (also just to make it super obvious I have no interest in tv/movies/etc except to watch so I’m not trying to catch a break)

Get your fucking degree, you idiot. You’ve come this far. Finish what you start.

It’s not like you’re ducking out of your last semester because you found venture capital for your tech startup. You’re just in a stupid hurry to earn slave wages. Don’t waste three and a half years of educational investment for a false start at a shitty non-profit gig.

Chill the fuck out. Los Angeles will still be here in a couple months. So will any number of entry-level jobs in the non-profit sector with low pay, no benefits, and absolutely zero possibility for advancement.

Working two jobs as a college student doesn’t mean shit, either. You have no clue what’s about to be expected of you as a full-time employee. Those fuckers are gonna work your punk ass like a rented mule, and in six months to a year, after your dreams have been crushed and you’re both physically and spiritually exhausted, you’ll wish you had a bachelors degree on your resume.

Don’t fuck up here. Be smart. Take a deep breath, knock out your last semester, and save up some more money. There will be plenty of time to make poor life decisions once you get to Los Angeles.


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