Fun-Sized Advice

On fun sized advice.

Your nailpolish is SEX. What is it?
That look is my own secret recipe, but you can duplicate it by layering “Show It & Glow It” on top of “Let Me Entertain You” from the OPI Burlesque collection.

Olivia Wilde or Megan Fox?
Wild or crazy?

I think you’re my Tyler Durden.
Get some sleep.

Do you think letting die is the same as killing?
They are passive and active versions of a willful act resulting in death. Similar, but not at all the same.

I don’t exactly understand what’s wrong with being a liberal.
Odds are you don’t understand what’s right about it either.

I love to drink… but the hangovers seem to be getting worse and worse. shit. any advice?
Figure out what it is you really love instead.

If I have to question whether he’s flirting or not, that means he’s not flirting, right?
Maybe, or it could just mean that one of you isn’t very good at it.

Every time I try to write to you about something real I end up deleting my message.
Come at me, bro.

When is it okay to lie to someone you love and respect?
A good rule of thumb is that if you have to ask yourself this question, now is not the time.

Would you rather live your life in the comfort zone, the challenge zone or the panic zone?
The challenge zone is my comfort zone, big guy.

So I’m a college student without a lot of extra cash to spend on clothes. What’s the best way to reconcile low funds with a desire to dress well?
It’s called style. Have some.

After he describes how I’m attractive and intelligent, what does it mean when he says “I’m not in a great place right now?”
It means, “fuck off and die.”

Fuck it, bad boys are fun!
Not when you’re badder.


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