Fun-Sized Advice

On fun sized advice

Do you make any money from blogging?
Not a fucking nickel.

What is the difference between “fucking” and “making love?”

How do you deal with pretentious assholes?
Relentless mind fucking followed by total disregard.

What do you think of Dr. Phil?
I don’t think of him. Ever.

I can’t stop fucking procrastinating.
Try putting it off for a few days.

Is riding my bike bad for my vagina?
Please never have children.

I hate everyone. What do I do?
Kill yourself.

What if I don’t get over her?
Kill yourself.

Women are less than men, deal with it.
You have a tiny penis. Kill yourself.

I’m religious but I love masturbating. How do I reconcile the two?
There is no man in the sky watching you be naughty.

Why don’t you believe in god?
Why don’t you believe in Santa Claus?

Do you believe in extraterrestrials?
In a Discovery Channel sort of way.

hi. just wondering, are you racist?
No, but I’m not politically correct either.

What the fuck is wrong with being politically correct?
It protects the worst among us, the easily offended.

Are you happy?
I’m on the pursuit.

Do you think sex should have meaning?
Sweetie, life doesn’t even have meaning. Enjoy yourself.


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