On the thought of it.

I am a hetero-flexible gal in a serious long term relationship with a guy who I love with all of my goddamn heart.  We have tons of fun together and the sex is amazing.  I am incredibly happy.

But, and there is always a but:

I would really really like to have a threesome or get some action with another female.  I’m not interested in dating/loving/pursuing a woman but I just love fooling around with them every now and again.  However, the mere thought of seeing my boyfriend with another woman makes my hair stand on end.  And, at the same time, my boyfriend doesn’t want me to hook up with a lady without him (Watching us isn’t an option.  That’s just not fair.)

Is there a way for me to get past my jealousy?  My boyfriend would be open to a threesome if I could get past my discomfort.  For the record, I know I’m being incredibly greedy… But honestly, I’m in my 20’s.  I’m only going to be this hot for so long and I don’t want to pass up an experience like this if I can avoid it.

There is a fun and simple way to get past your jealousy.

First, find yourself a sexy girl who’s down for a threesome and get both her and your boyfriend naked in bed. Go down on her for a little while. Go down on your boyfriend for a little while. Feel free to jump back and forth between all the sweet and salty deliciousness.

Next, wrap your hand around the base of your boyfriend’s cock, and with your other hand gently spread open the girl’s wet little pussy. Be the one to guide your man inside her for the first time.

Kiss them both. Now sit back, watch the two of them fuck, and touch yourself.

There. That was easy, wasn’t it? No more jealousy.

Almost instantly you’ll notice that it’s no big deal. You’ll realize how your intimacy as boyfriend and girlfriend doesn’t change at all, even with a third person in the room. In fact, as you make eye contact with your boyfriend, in weird way you’ll feel closer to him than you’ve ever felt before.

For a half second, you’ll wonder why you ever felt jealous in the first place, but then you’ll get out of your head and back into the moment, and you’ll start getting incredibly turned on by watching them fuck.

It won’t take long before you have to dive in and start licking and sucking anything you can get your tongue on, because it’s a lot more fun to actually see your man fuck another woman than it is to get paralyzed by the thought of it.

Trust me on this. You’re just stuck in your head.

Quit thinking about it and just do it.


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