On neo-marxist bullshit

Do you believe rent to be fundamentally exploitative? Should we all have to pay for shelter simply for existing?

If I dropped you off in the woods with only an axe and your bloated sense of entitlement, how long before you’d have a roof over your head?

Well then, you useless fucking hippie, aren’t you lucky that you live in a civilized, post-industrial society with property rights and public utilities where you can pay for things like a studio apartment and internet access.

You are not some feudal serf being plundered by the landed gentry. You are a spoiled, self-righteous college freshman who emailed this shit from a coffee shop with free wi-fi and vanilla scones.

Do us all a favor and put down the little red book. It’s not for whiners.

Oh, and shave the goatee. You look ridiculous.


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