Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

The news about Eric Garner makes me actually sick to my stomach. What can we do?
Go get heavily involved in whatever review board or municipal process that exists to provide civilian oversight of your local police force. If none exists, start a grassroots movement to create one.

So prisons are a terrible idea. What should we have instead?
We should have prisons. What we shouldn’t have are violent, privatized penitentiaries that take the place of psychiatric hospitals and subsidized housing. (Come on, people. Read some Foucault.)

Wait… so do you consider yourself leftist or centrist?
I consider myself the kind of person who loathes being asked to identify with a point on a political spectrum.

Therapy is a selfish, bourgeois indulgence that doesn’t work.
Yeah, no. You’re thinking of prayer.

Do or don’t tell my boyfriend, who I love, that there was a short period a few years ago when I was having sex for money?
If you have to ask me, then you aren’t prepared to tell him.

Is it still okay to have nights out at the bar after you turn 30?
Yes, but not the same bar.

Today’s hyper-conformist blogger is more interested in the policing of language and stifling debate when it counters the prevailing wisdom.
Dude. You’ve got a giant douche-flavored chip on your shoulder because you don’t like the way people argue on the internet. Go stare into a mirror for a while and really let that sink it.

I just looked at the day of the month and got excited because it means a new December coke talk playlist :O
Yep. It’s up!

Why do I feel like you’re Bret Easton Ellis in disguise?
Because you haven’t read anything by Bret Easton Ellis lately.

You seem deeply unhappy, and I feel sorry for you.
That’s a waste of perfectly good pity you could be using on yourself.

Write more, bitch.
You have to pay me to talk like that.


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