On the newsroom

What’s your issue with The Newsroom? i find it intellectually stimulating and extremely entertaining.

The Newsroom
is a Frankenstein’s Monster of pretense and formula sewn together with the fatty tissue of Studio 60, slapped around the rotting skeleton of The West Wing, and shocked back to life with the artificial relevance of last year’s current events and the sanctimonious wish-thinking of Aaron Sorkin’s out-of-touch, vaguely narcissistic, and ever-so misogynistic world view.

You find it intellectually stimulating because you are an intellectually average person easily distracted by Sorkin’s worn-out bag of tricks, and you are extremely entertained because you prefer to swallow your popular culture without having to chew it first.

That’s fine. Not everybody wants to burn calories thinking critically about the television they ingest. If you just want to kick back and watch a puppet show, I can’t blame you, but some of us can’t help but see the strings.


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