Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Why does it matter so much to be cool? (i know, it’s uncool to ask)
Being cool is a measure of one’s cultural capital in the same way that being wealthy is a measure of one’s financial capital. Cultural capital is an asset. It has value. It can promote social mobility beyond economic means, and so under certain circumstances, it matters.

I’m in love with someone, but we’re not in a relationship. Is it somehow dishonest to have sex with someone else?

Nope. It’s not at all dishonest. Sorry. You can’t simulate cheating in a relationship that doesn’t exist.

What if I just not ask if he’s married?

Ignorantia matrimonii non excusat.

Aren’t you afraid that if you don’t have a child that you won’t truly love someone more than you love yourself?

Ew. No. I’m so glad that I don’t think like you.

How often do you feel like you are totally on top of absolutely all your shit?

That has never been one of my delusions.

Why do people read sarcasm as being condescending?

Because it is.

Why should we accept what is?

Because it is.

Why are pomegranates?

Because rainbows.

i don’t feel like a partner, i feel like a trophy

Get the fuck out of that relationship.

Do you have a master list of book recommendations anywhere?

For such a bad bitch you’ve got the most basic ass music taste.

You are a child.

You’re quitting Dear Coquette aren’t you?


Should I be worried?


aaaaaaahhhhhhhh what’s happening you haven’t written anything!

I’ve been busy. It happens.


I know, right?


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