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On fun-sized advice

Why is it that while having sex with my boyfriend, or any male in my past for that matter, the ultimate goal is for him to finish? Why is it that we stop when he finishes and if I don’t, it’s okay and ends anyway?
Because of porn and patriarchy. Because the guys you’ve been fucking are lazy, selfish, and bad at sex. Because until now, you’ve allowed it to happen that way. Take your pick as to why, but it’s up to you to change it.

As a man, am I allowed to have any preference for what my girlfriend does with her public hair? I’m worried that expressing or having a preference of any kind would be very un-feminist of me.
It’s fine to have a preference, and it’s fine to express a preference if she asks, but expressing an unsolicited preference isn’t cool, and expecting your preference to take precedence over hers would be very un-feminist indeed.

What’s the best way to handle someone who is exhaustingly self-pitying?
Don’t put up with their behavior. Call them out. Be kind if you can, but tell them to shut the fuck up if necessary. Remember, it’s perfectly okay to enforce your own mental and emotional well-being. (Also, if someone drains you to the point of exhaustion, consider whether they need to be in your life at all.)

People keep shortening my name and I don’t want them to. It seems unstoppable. What should I do?
Correct them.

How do I know if they’re right, and I am just a disrespectful and entitled asshole, or if I’m just the latest place for my parents to project their bullshit?
Both can be true at the same time.

I haven’t had sex in a really long time. I’m ashamed but I also know I haven’t met anyone I want to have sex with. Do I need help?
Nope, you’re fine.

He found my g-spot. Holy fucking shit. I didn’t know it could be so good.
Aww. Happy for you.

Which is more obnoxious: for me to accept nepotism to get a job I may end up loving, or to refuse nepotism because “I don’t want to get a job that way”?
Don’t be an asshole. If you can get a dream job through family connections, fucking take it. Just be worthy of it. Pay your dues. Work your ass off.

Please post more, I need the voice of your writing in my life
Sorry, but this is the time of year I’m traveling a lot for work.


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