On snapping you out of it

My boyfriend slapped my face (hard) in an effort to “snap me out of it” when I was crying during an argument he thought wasn’t justifiable. He made it sound so reasonable and scoffed when i cried harder after he hit me. I truly don’t know if his action wasn’t a big deal or if I’m blinded and should get out of the relationship now.

There is no justification for that kind of violent behavior. None.

He hit you. He hit you hard in the face. He hit you hard in the face during an argument in an attempt to control you. That is a very big deal. Not only should you immediately remove yourself from his presence, but you should absolutely end the relationship as soon as possible.

If there is still a visible mark or bruise, take pictures of it right now. Document this episode, and don’t hesitate to report him to friends, family, or the police if he gives you the slightest bit of push-back when you break up with him.


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