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On fun-sized advice

What exactly characterizes the border between pursuing a love interest and being creepy/obsessive?
Putting your wishes ahead of theirs.

Where’s the line between “let yourself feel your emotions” and “just fucking get over it already”?

Self pity.

What’s the difference between cunning and manipulation?

Cunning is a skill. Manipulation is a tool, the proper use of which requires that skill.

Is marrying your partner for a visa a bad idea? I don’t want a married life and never have. But I feel like things can stay the same, regardless of this piece of paper.

I’m not sure you appreciate the legally binding nature of contracts.

I keep doing the same stupid shit over and over again. It makes me feel terrible but I can’t figure out how to stop. Any advice?

The behavior won’t change until you do. “You” aren’t going to stop, but you can become the person who will.

The last two guys I’ve had sex were healthy guys in their mid 20s and both had issues with E.D. Both claimed that it was because of their use of porn they were having issues with impotence and/or delayed ejaculation. Is this becoming a regular trend with young men?

In my completely unscientific opinion, absolutely yes.

Any difference between going for a “bad boy” versus going for an asshole?

Not really. One comes with a leather jacket and a stickshift, the other comes with a sport coat and leather seats.

Just broke up with my boyfriend of six years. I love him, but I’m only 22, and it seemed like the right thing to do. I feel like shit. Any advice?

This is your first time being single as an adult. Enjoy it. Find yourself. Learn new things. Don’t be in a rush to scramble back into a state of couplehood.

You’re kind of a bitch, but I’d totally let you fuck me with a strap on.

Putin? Is that you?


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