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On politicizing your sex life

someone (a black lesbian) who I follow on twitter has said that she won’t date white girls and is considering not dating girls who aren’t lesbians (so not bisexual/pansexual/catch-all queer girls). why am I okay with the first but not with the second?

You’re okay with a black lesbian refusing to date white girls because it can be interpreted as a thoughtful rejection of hegemonic power structures vis-à-vis race and traditional beauty standards, whereas you’re not okay with a black lesbian refusing to date women whose sexual identity doesn’t match her strict definition of a lesbian, because that kind of preferential prejudice can easily be interpreted as a lack of intersectionality within the larger LGBTQ community.

You might also want to take a step back and realize that this is probably one of those things you shouldn’t dignify by giving a fuck in the first place, because the only thing worse than a bitch who thinks her pussy is lined with gold is one who thinks it’s lined with social justice.


2 thoughts on “On politicizing your sex life

  1. Bill from Kentucky says:

    Thank you for giving me that line. I plan to remember it and quote it to all my friends: the crack about a vagina that is “lined with social justice”. You’re very educated, so you probably remember that as far back as ancient Greece, the play “Lysistrata” had issues of social justice warriors, SJW’s withholding sex from their husbands for manipulative purposes.

    I leave the wikipedia link here, so that readers can understand that “sex as manipulation” has been around since at least biblical records (something about a wife talking her husband into eating forbidden fruit, a very old story, no need to repeat it), but here’s the link to the Greek play, for the enjoyment of any readers who are fed up with SJW’s trying to co-opt the culture via vaginal manipulation:

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