On small claims court

My best friend was dumped a couple months ago by a guy she was with for three years. They had just moved in together two months previously when he dumped her, and now she’s stuck paying the full rent until September. He said he would help her with rent but he hasn’t and now has his own place. His name isn’t on the lease so she can’t really force him to give her money technically. If you were her, what would you do? I wanna make his life miserable somehow but it’s not really my place, right?

Um, she *can* really force him to give her money technically. Help your friend seek a judgment in small claims court for breach of oral contract.

Seriously, small claims court was made for fuckery like this, and it ain’t that complicated a process. Google that shit, and tell your bestie to stand up for herself, because based on these limited details, it sounds like she has a legitimate claim.

All the lease says is that the ex-boyfriend doesn’t owe the landlord, but if he told your best friend he would pay his share of the rent, he still owes her. You’d be surprised how legally binding a verbal agreement can be when you actually get it in front of a judge.

Worst case, you make his life miserable. Best case, she also gets half the rent paid for the remainder of the lease.


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