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On fun-sized advice

What are your thoughts on SB 227? Should anything be mandated that’s not 100% safe or effective with no liability?
Sorry to burst your insufferably self-absorbed bubble, but you aren’t special, your children aren’t special, and nothing is 100% safe, so shut your organic pie hole and go vaccinate your germ-ridden offspring.


Do you have any resources for partners of sex workers? I know of lots of support groups for sex workers themselves, but I have my own side of things to deal with and nobody to talk to about it.
Hmm. The closest thing I can think to recommend is S-Anon or COSA. They’re geared toward partners of sex addicts rather than partners of sex workers, but there’s probably enough crossover for those groups to still be therapeutic.


I’m female, 29, healthy, in love, middle class. I am petrified everything I have is going to be taken away from me. I am petrified I will get Cancer. Scared my boyfriend will die in a car accident. Scared I will loose my family. Afraid of my own mortality. Some days I cannot get out of bed. Some days I forget everything. What’s the point in any of this? Why can’t I just end this misery now and then I won’t have to worry anymore?
Yeah, you’ve got a mild anxiety disorder. (Trust me, I know the feeling.) Go see a therapist about those intrusive thoughts you’re having. Therapy really does help for this kind of stuff. (If you include your email, I can maybe help you find someone.)


I’m 20 and I’m honestly pretty spoiled. Nursing school full time, but Mom pays my bills. He’s a 38-year-old counselor for substance abuse. He’s had a couple serious relationships, whereas I’ve had none. Is there a point to this, or is the age difference just too great?
Sweetheart, he was twice your age a couple minutes ago. You’re a doe-eyed college kid and he’s (most likely) a reformed addict who’s lived a life and seem some shit. Sure, enjoy yourself. Have fun while it lasts, but the second you realize you two have nothing to talk about, have the sense to part ways quickly and amicably.


Are you worried Trevor Noah won’t be able to fill Jon’s shoes?
I’m not worried, because he won’t. It’s not possible to fill Jon’s shoes. The Daily Show will become something different in a similar format. Hopefully it won’t suck.


What’s your take on the Gawker Media debacle where a writer there pretty much outed a non-public figure for exploring hiring the services of a gay escort, and the recent protest-resignations by at least two staff members of that website after the article about it was pulled?
Everyone is gross and nobody cares.


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  1. I have an anxiety disorder, and my husband has tremendous anxiety with PTSD. It is astounding how much better therapy and meds can make you feel. It’s like a cloud lifting. I know that some people are opposed to meds, but they’ve honestly been more helpful than the therapy. You do need to see a therapist or psychiatrist, though, because a proper diagnosis is necessary.

    I still worry a lot about the same kinds of things you do, but I’m not quite up to my correct dosage on the meds. It’s taken the edge off, though, which is a relief. The only thing that upsets me is that I didn’t get help sooner (I’m 42). Please do it now!

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