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On fun-sized advice

Why do I feel like love is exclusionary?
Because you’re not in it.

Coketalk, give me the crash course on letting go of a relationship that pulled you out of suicidal depression, then turned into severe one-sided complacency and lack of appreciation.
The relationship served its purpose. Respect that. Appreciate that. Let that be enough and let go.

Is it morally reprehensible to seek & be flattered by male attention even though you don’t have the slightest interest?
Attention seeking can be a bit shallow, but it’s not morally reprehensible unless you’re also engaging in deception or dishonesty.

How much of a stupid idea is it for me to ask the man who abused me as a teenager to pay for my counseling?
As a form of reparation, it’s not a stupid idea, but it’s a complicated thing to actually do. I’d recommend getting a lump sum up front to prevent your abuser from having any control over your therapeutic process.

Why is everyone obsessed with romantic love, including you?
I don’t accept the premise of your question.

What’s wrong with dating older men?

Is it worth pursuing an MD if you come from a poor family?
Yes. If your dream is to become a doctor and you realistically think you have what it takes, then go for it, but you need to have both passion and potential for it to be worth taking on that kind of debt.

My BF and I never seem all that happy together. Why don’t I wan’t to break up with him?

A friend of mine’s engagement fell through, and her mom wore her unused wedding dress when she renewed her vows with her husband on their 30th anniversary. On a scale of one to fucked how fucked is that?
It’s “minor reality show B-story subplot” level fucked.


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  1. Anna says:

    To the future MD, come study in a country that offers free education (and a less morally reprehensible healthcare system). I’m a medical student in France, and apart from the first and maybe fifth and sixth years of medical studies, it’s hard but possible to work enough to support yourself without taking on debt. If you want to practise in the US, it’ll be painful to get an equivalence for your degree but it’s possible.
    If you want any more info on studying in Europe, answer this comment and we’ll find a way to get in touch.

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