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On fun-sized advice

My boyfriend is part of said “ever-growing man-child demographic.” Can they ever become men?
What would be the point?

I have my first counseling session tomorrow and I’m nervous. I’m terrified of being judged for my issues and criticized for my choices. I’m sure everything will go smoothly, and this is just my anxiety talking, but today and tomorrow are going to be a struggle. <3
Your counselor isn’t gonna judge or criticize you for your choices. That’s kind of the whole idea. (It’s fine to be nervous at first, but you’re really gonna enjoy the counselor/client relationship.)

I recently just got into my first same sex relationship. Right now, I’m dealing with a lot of my family members who aren’t comfortable with it, because they’re using my facebook profile to determine my sexuality and then ‘rat’ me out to the rest of the family. Is there a way to deal with this without being an asshat?
Block the shit out of them.

I broke up with him. I didn’t waiver. I broke my own fucking heart in the process but I didn’t expect this much pain. What now?
Feel the pain and move on.

I’m having a tough time finding a smart dude who’s masculine enough for me.  I also sort of feel like a shithead for having masculinity on my radar at all. What’s up? Are these just daddy issues talking?
I dunno what your dad was like, and I dunno how you define masculinity, but if you’re finding it to be mutually exclusive with intelligence, then there’s definitely an issue somewhere.

I think I’m in love. Why am I crying?
Sorry to break it to you, but crying is a big part of being in love.

why does it bother me so much that my boyfriend thinks Mike Tyson is innocent?
Because if you were raped, all it would take for your boyfriend not to believe you is for your rapist to be someone famous.


9 thoughts on “On fun-sized advice

  1. Bash says:

    So in response to the counseling comment, it really can be fantastic! But if you do feel like you are being judged or the counselor/client connection just isn’t working, express this to the counselor. They want you to find a good fit and they will help you out. But it really can be great! best of luck to you!

  2. P says:

    I had the same smart/masculine problem . Then I found out what I meant by ‘masculinity’ was actually more like ‘not a pissypants manchild’. Macho is to masculine what fuckboy is to grown man.
    P.S I always thought daddy issues were just a form of emotional blackmail, like ‘all my exes turned crazy but you’re a cool girl’.

      • P says:

        Hey C. Yesterday marked exactly a year since the day I didn’t kill myself, checked myself into the psych ward and finally started treatment for my chronic mental illness.
        I’m not saying it was worth living just because you liked something witty that I said, but it was a cherry amongst cherries on a huge, delicious 2015 cake.
        I will always want to be dead because that’s just how my brain works, but I’m not delicate. I know my limits. You are one of the people I hope to make proud. Look for me when I make it to Mars. x

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