On what you say

Someone asks you why you’re not interested in them. You don’t find them physically attractive. What do you say?

Gentle and evasive: “That’s not an appropriate question to ask.”

Gentle and straightforward: “I don’t think we have any chemistry.”

Hard and straightforward: “You’re not hot enough.”

Hard and evasive: “Go fuck yourself.”


6 thoughts on “On what you say

  1. Melli says:

    Just tell the truth! Say, “I’m not physically attracted to you and that’s really important to me.” Hopefully, if you give a crap if he’s your friend or not, he’ll still want to be friends. I’ve actually had a hot guy that asked me the same thing. I thought he was hot. I liked him. Unfortunately, he was lacking whatever special mojo flips my switch. It wasn’t his face or his body or even his personality. It was that little elusive thing that has to be there. …shrug… It happens.

    • Red Cat says:

      Agree. Just accept that not everyone you’re attracted to will feel the same and acknowledge their choice. Never, get into the ‘but whyyyyyyy?’ discussion.

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