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On fun-sized advice

Your view on Syrian refugees coming to America?
We should be accepting 100,000 instead of 10,000.

Is 22 young? I feel like my life is over.
Your childhood is over. That’s what you’re feeling. Your life is just getting started.

I don’t have a handle on my drinking anymore. What now?
Address the reason why your drinking has become problematic. If it’s because you’re bored, find something else to do. If it’s because you’re self-medicating, get some help.

Deep down in your heart, are you an anarchist?
No. I just have a problem with authority.

How do you make a judgement between the legitimate suffering of a depressive illness and someone who is ungrateful and full of excuses? Where is the line drawn?
There is no line. A person’s depression isn’t delegitimized by a certain amount or type of shitty behavior. At the same time, a person’s depression does not excuse their shitty behavior.

Psychology or sociology?
They are the exact same disciplines at different scales. Just ask yourself, would you rather learn about the human condition or the condition of humanity?

Why does it annoy me, a Korean girl, that Sephora has recently begun selling Korean beauty and skincare brands (they call it K-beauty)?
What you’re feeling is a little bit exploited. Regardless of how good the products are, Sephora’s marketing strategy is basically just low-key Orientalism.

Why do some people have good shit land in their lap while I have to work 5 times as hard for my happiness? (Yes, I’m bitter but life is seriously becoming too difficult to deal with)
There is no reason. Stop looking at other people’s laps.

Have you ever planted a question so you would have a platform to share your views on a certain topic?
Nope, never. (I get dozens of questions on every topic, so if I feel like ranting, I just pick one.)


7 thoughts on “On fun-sized advice

  1. RocketGrunt says:

    Thinking back on how confused and mean and miserable I was when I got my first few depressive episodes, I’d say it’s fair if you don’t want to be around someone who’s majorly depressed. Just don’t be an asshole. My sister told me that depression wasn’t real and I just lacked character.

    • Brynn says:

      Yep. (And to kind of respond to “On an Alcoholic Prick,” as well) It’s always funny to me that it’s most often people who haven’t experienced crippling mental illness that advocate a moral imperative to care for us through our shitty behavior. It seems that the people who have been there (emphasis on the past tense) tend to advocate the opposite, and often understand that healthy people should stay healthy by not dedicating themselves to a toxic personality.

      Remove yourself as firmly as need be, preferably with grace. Keep the rest to yourself and your trusted confidants.

      • Swish says:

        It’s because the people advocating that you stick by the person going through problems genuinely believe that they can make a difference by caring about the person. They don’t realize that its hopeless.

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