Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Do you feel weird fucking people less intelligent than you?
Not really, but then again, I don’t have much of a choice.

Why do I lose interest in guys after having sex with them?

You aren’t really interested in the guys. You’re just interested in the courtship ritual.

Don’t want to date him, but still feel shitty that he hasn’t contacted me since the night we slept together. Am I just lying to myself about not liking him?

Probably not. Don’t confuse a bruised ego for an emotional connection.

Can you ever be friends with your boss?

Sure you can, but never forget that in his role as your boss he is not your friend.

How can the decadence of the fashion industry square itself with the poverty around the world?

It can’t.

Why on earth did you tell that escort not to report the micropenis tax cheat guy? Screw whether he’s a racist, he’s a leech on society who should pay his share like everyone else.

You really think I’d tell an escort to snitch for the IRS? Hell no. Micropenis guy may be a racist and a tax cheat, but he doesn’t get to turn her into a rat.

How do you recognize toxic people who feed off drama before they become a part of your life?

Recognizing them is easy. It’s just that most people find it difficult to not be fascinated by their bullshit.

My boyfriend liked being called ‘daddy’ during sex with his exes, but I flat out refuse to do it because I think it’s creepy and infantilizes women. He says I’m being judgmental and close minded. What should I do?

Break up with him.

Do you ever answer these questions high?



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