On a creep

Why are people so suspicious of my spontaneous generosity? I seriously have mastered the art of generosity as far as I can tell. Zero strings. People are so suspicious. I am trying so hard to ghandi this fucking world into a kind and thoughtful place, but everyone looks at me like I’m insane…maybe i am…but being generous isn’t why or even how.

Dude. You’re creepy. Fuck off with your generosity.

People have every right to be suspicious of you, and they should be, because your behavior obviously violates their boundaries. You think there are zero strings with whatever weird shit you’re doing, but really, you’re imposing yourself on others. That’s not cool.

You don’t get to circumvent social conventions just because you think you’re well intentioned. If you really were being kind and thoughtful, you’d learn how to behave without making people suspicious.

You haven’t mastered the art of generosity. You’re just a creep trying to justify being creepy.


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