On an escort’s integrity

Hi! Firstly, I’m a huge fan and faithful reader. I’m hoping you can help me with a slightly odd moral dilemma…

I’m an escort and recently saw a very wealthy client who is easily the the most unabashed racist I’ve ever met. I’m white, and he must have thought he was in friendly company because he used every single racial slur I’ve ever encountered and then some. It was the most disgusting display of racism I’ve ever seen in person. He also uses the promise of money for humiliating power-plays with his ex-wife, children and any friends he hasn’t managed to drive away. Just thinking about this smug prick makes my blood boil. He’s a narcissistic bastard with no obvious redeeming qualities. He also doesn’t approve of charity – I was treated to a lovely speech about how people should help themselves and that he doesn’t believe in ’taking more than his fair share.’ He also made jokes about physically abusing the homeless. Anyway, I kept my mouth shut for a few hours and managed to relieve him of a couple of grand.

Now my question – he spent a lot of time gloating about his 30+ years of rampant tax evasion. I know enough accurate details about this prick to make an anonymous report to the tax office. He sees escorts on a regular basis and I’m certain he isn’t usually more discreet. What’s more, I’m sure there are many people in this man’s life who would be delighted to see the government take a closer look at his finances. I don’t think there’s any way for this to be traced back to me. He has no dependents – his ex-wife receives no alimony and his children are financially independent. Another thing to consider is that he has a micro-penis – under 1 inch when fully erect. So he does have to live with that.

I’m conflicted. Is going through life with a ridiculously tiny dick punishment enough? What do you think, Coquette? Should I give karma a helping hand or just let it be?

By the way, I know this sounds like fiction but I swear it’s 100% accurate. Thanks for your help!

Just let it be.

This isn’t really a moral dilemma. This man sounds like a horrible person, but he is also your client. You voluntarily entered into a business relationship with him, and loathsome as he may be, he hasn’t cheated you or violated the terms of your business relationship in any way.

You are under no obligation to keep him as a client, and you should feel free to terminate the relationship if putting up with his grotesque behavior isn’t worth it, but to anonymously report him to the tax office is vindictive and disproportional.

That’s not to say he doesn’t deserve it, but that isn’t the point. He may have offended you, but he hasn’t wronged you, and I know you’re aware of the difference.

Have some integrity. As repulsive as a man may be, don’t fuck with him unless he fucks with you. This isn’t about his karma. It’s about yours.


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