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On fun-sized advice

First of all. Thank you for being back.
Glad to be back. (That said, don’t get your hopes up.)

You changed the font?
Nah, just updated WordPress after a year.

What is your hot take on the civil unrest in Portland, Seattle, NYC, etc?
I miss it already.

An ex I haven’t seen or spoken to in a year came out of the woodwork to tell me he got laid off, broke up with his girlfriend, and lost ten pounds. What does he want?
He wants to fuck.

I’ve never had an orgasm with any guy I’ve ever slept with and I’m almost 30. I’ve only been able to get off with someone using a vibrator on me. What am I doing wrong?
Nothing. Nothing at all. Consider using a vibrator more often during sex.

Is being a Jordan Peterson fan a good enough reason to dump him?
Of course it is.

give me one word to describe your mood today

My bisexual atheist Asian ex boyfriend apparently became a Trump supporter. Somehow I’m taking this personally.
Perhaps you should downgrade him from ex-boyfriend status altogether. You know, consider the relationship annulled, and strike him from the list.

Do I spend all my savings on a body lift surgery? I’ve got 2 years left of my twenties. I may be thin, but I’ll never get this youth back.
No. Save your money. It’s going to be a rocky few years, and you’ll need the cash.

My Republican mother said my sister is a hero for getting COVID and protecting her with “herd immunity”. She was being an asshole and partying around SoCal. Disown the lot?
Well, look at the bright side. You won’t have to disown them if they’re dead.


7 thoughts on “On fun-sized advice

  1. Chris says:

    People waste so much on cosmetic surgery when there is so much work to do on the inside. I’ve been thinking of this a lot because my hair is thinning, and I’m very vain about my hair.

    Considering the options, I’ve decided that I need to be a better person who does more for others, and to stop being so damn vain because I’m not that good looking anyway, so I’ve been spending more time with my kids, am joining the PTA, and learning about stoicism and other things.

    And I’m running 5-7 miles a day. The running helps a lot.

  2. I miss the civil unrest too, that is the only thing, in this country, that might bring on some needed changes. Shout out to Hong Kong and the newly enslaved. Where the fuck is Chris Hedges, he’s been advocating a street presence for years. And bless the folks who finally erected the small guillotine outside the Bezo residence, can someone roll a large one in front of 1600?

      • Portland and Seattle going strong, very nice, but what’s the ask? Where’s the unified msg? I’ll take a Susan Rice / Dr. West ticket for $1000 CQ. Maybe Grandpa Joe will bow out, a la Johnson 68, and make way for these young folks to take us to the future?

  3. World Weary, Too says:

    I’m glad you’re back! (I had you in my ‘favorites‘, checked periodically, and was pleasantly surprised tonight!)

    I won’t “get my hopes up” (too much), but I do hope you stick around through the election. I appreciate your words.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Visiting this page for my monthly check of whether or not you’re still gone and finding new stuff makes me SO HAPPY

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