On writing him off

I have a right wing friend who is using his intellect to construct monumental rationalizations as to why he should only wear a mask when the situation demands it. Oh, he’ll cough into his elbow, but not going to a restaurant is more than “just an inconvenience”, it’s “dangerous for the economy!” He believes that the chances he’ll infect someone are about the same as “accidentally running someone over with a vehicle” and therefore a calculated risk. He discards data I show him if there’s one wrong number, but if his other friend says “wearing a mask is pointless” then that’s all he needed to hear to make his decision.

This is the guy who ran around high school bragging about getting into Mensa. But it’s also the same “genius” who uses Bing to search for Covid information!

Is there one last simple appeal I can make before I completely write him off as a selfish crybaby?

You should have written him off the very moment he bragged about getting into Mensa.


5 thoughts on “On writing him off

  1. Chris says:

    Scott Adams (Dilbert guy) said that when he joined Mensa it was a very weird group. They could slaughter you in chess, but couldn’t get a job.

  2. B says:

    Re: the letter writer

    Fuck your friend. He’s actively putting my life at risk while he proliferates bullshit logic to not be slightly inconvenienced. I’m so tired of these assholes thinking their “right” to not be mildly troubled is more important than my right (and mind, I’m immunocompromised) to fucking LIVE.

  3. anonycat says:

    I joined mensa. I find it attracts a lot of right wing libertarian types amongst the men folk (whereas the women tend to almost all be left or liberal), and your brother is definitely not alone on this.

    As my non-mensan husband says, there is a reason that wisdom and intelligence are two separate stats in DnD.

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