Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Are all white people racist?
No, of course not, but all white people benefit from racism.

Why is it so hard to quit a jerk?
It’s hard to quit anyone once you’ve fallen for them. The more important question is why you pick jerks to begin with.

How is natural beauty an inherently hypocritical concept?
People present the concept of “natural beauty” as a rejection of common beauty standards, when in fact it is the purest form of an unattainable beauty standard. Thus the inherent hypocrisy.

My fuck buddy wants a relationship. What’s the least awkward way to tell him that I’m not looking for a commitment?
Use whatever words you’d like, but the least awkward way is to immediately stop fucking him.

I feel bad about this but I find it repulsive when men cry. What’s up with that?
Your dad was an asshole.

May we gush over Tom Hardy for a second, though?

What do you think of people who police other people’s eating habits?
Not sure exactly how you mean, but you know, fuck the police.

What separates “video game enthusiast” from “undateable man-child”? My relationship might depend on your answer.
It’s not about the video games. Regardless of his enthusiasms, if you have to put with hissy-fits and passive-aggressive behavior in the face of reasonable expectations, you are in a relationship with a man-child.

How do I know whether or not my liking girls is a phase or permanent?
Everything is a phase. Nothing is permanent. Your sexual identity never has to be cast in stone, and your orientation can remain fluid throughout your life.

I don’t love Lena Dunham either, but you’re being a cyber bully.
Nope. Cyber bullies hit below the belt with cruel comments about her physical appearance. I make smart-ass remarks about her cultural influence. Valid social criticism isn’t bullying.


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