Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Sure selfies are tacky and narsissistic, but so is having a blog. I’m just saying there are worse things to be.
A comment troll who can’t spell, for instance?

you’re a pseudo intellectual who has a knack for using curse words. i still think you’re funny. but i wonder, do you think you’re anything more than a potty-mouthed entertainer?
Adults who scold other adults with the term “potty-mouth” invariably have some repressed childhood trauma. Good luck with that.

Do you find hate mail entertaining?

You’re tired of the bullshit questions, aren’t you?
Nah. Keep ‘em coming.

Think civilization has a probability of shambling onwards to the heat death of the universe?
Don’t be ridiculous. We’d be lucky if our species survives through the current geological epoch.

Can I integrate my fragmented, dislodged, self-reflexive post-modern self into a whole person? If yes, do you happen to know how?
Stop being so full of shit.

Is there anything worth preserving about Western civilization?


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