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On fun-sized advice

I’m afraid that when I quit my job I’ll realize that it wasn’t the reason I am so unhappy.
The irony is that you’re unhappy because you’re afraid.

I would love to ask you something, but nothing comes to mind because I already have all the answers.
Awesome. Help me out with the answer to this one: Why is there something rather than nothing?

I wake up every day and think of how much i want to be dead for about an hour before i can force myself to get up from my bed. I’m scared to talk about this with my therapist or anyone else.
Read this to your therapist in your next session.

Why am I so scared of committing to a nice, sweet guy who I regularly hang out and sleep with? What’s stopping me from making it official?
You still think you can do better.

Sooo, after figuring out love n shit… whats good?

Is love after a week of being with someone just infatuation?

Is it possible to love someone and be attracted to them without being romantically in love with them? Am I just deluding myself?
Yes and yes.

Do you believe in free will?
That’s kind of like asking if I believe in god, in that it’s pointless if you don’t define your terms.

What do you think of Rich Kids of Instagram?
I love RKOI. I like to think of each post as a crime photo, as if they’re tiny pieces of evidence that can be used at trial if the revolution ever comes.

How come I like you way more on twitter than on here?
Because twitter is candy, and here I make you eat your vegetables.


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