On trigger warnings

Trigger warnings on classic literature? Am I that calloused and cold hearted or is this really as ridiculous as it sounds?

It is cringe-inducingly ridiculous. When legitimately used, trigger warnings are a rare but occasionally necessary therapeutic consideration in establishing a safe space for trauma survivors. Unfortunately, trigger warnings have been seized upon with hypocritical zeal by left-wing thought police and warped into sanctimonious spoiler alerts for the delicate sensibilities of those whose political correctness is only outmatched by their victim mentality.

Speaking as someone who suffers from PTSD related panic attacks, trigger warnings as a pop-cultural fad are incredibly condescending, and I can’t wait to see them fall out of favor.


One thought on “On trigger warnings

  1. RocketGrunt says:

    Trigger warnings can be straight up condescending sometimes. I hate when article titles that have words like “rape” or “murder” in them are immediately followed by a trigger warning. Like, no shit.
    On the other hand, I do sincerely appreciate when friends warn me about rape scenes in movies and tv shows we’re watching and skip them if I ask.
    I guess I’m saying trigger warnings need to be a matter of compassion, not condescension.

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