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On making a difference

Is it possible to make a difference without coming off as a left wing activist nutjob?

I am a graphic designer and I want to use my abilities to help change the world for the better. I believe in sustainable food production and reversing climate change.

I know I can create compelling work, but how can I help my audience actually PAY ATTENTION?


Fuck all the insufferably trendy beliefs that you wear like fashion accessories for your identity. Fuck your untested self-esteem and the assumption that any of your work is the least bit compelling. Fuck whatever social media follower count you’ve confused for an actual audience.

Do you have any idea how much of a naive asshole you sound like when you say you want to change the world with your graphic design abilities? You will never “make a difference,” whatever that bullshit phrase means. Hell, you aren’t even interesting enough to come off as a left-wing activist nutjob. At least those people have something to say.

Nope, you’re just another insufferable twat with a popular pair of pet causes and a vague sense of self-importance who thinks that just because you breathe air and have an opinion, you deserve everyone’s undivided fucking attention.

Sorry, kid. You don’t deserve shit. You came knocking at the wrong fucking door if you wanted someone to blow smoke up your ass and slather your ego with Astroglide and affirmations.

No one gives a fuck about your hopes and dreams, and you don’t get credit for good intentions. Compelling work speaks for itself, so please, by all means, feel free to go off into the world and prove me wrong. Then again, you should also feel free to go fuck yourself.

Either way, somebody needed to tell you.


One thought on “On making a difference

  1. Hedda Trama says:

    Amen, Hallelujah, and Preach it! I lived in Camberville for ages, & putting up with hipsters who thought festooning their trustfunded Subarus in bumperstickers and shopping at Whole Foods made them EcoWarriors. Biggest blowhard jackoffs….ugh.

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