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On fun-sized advice

If someone openly says that they are not a good person, and also includes that they don’t know what it means to love someone, would it be stupid to date them? Is it stupid to even ask?
They are either telling the truth, and you shouldn’t date them, or they are playing games with you, and you shouldn’t date them.

What am I supposed to do when I’m in love with two different people?

That’s not a “supposed to do” situation. What do you want to do? Try doing that. (If you’re honest with the people involved, and they don’t want what you want, then at that point, hopefully you’ll know more about what best to do.)

What would you say to a loved one who is addicted to meth that tells you not to judge their sins differently than yours?

Addiction isn’t a sin. It’s a psychobiological mechanism that leads to shitty behavior — super shitty in the case of meth addiction — and you should feel free to judge that shitty behavior however you damn well please, because as a loved one, the negative consequences affect you too.

Friend’s bf said she has a rape statistic mentality. Friend offended at the wording. Asked bf, he says he meant she behaves like a victim, won’t take responsibility. Who’s right?

Your friend might very well have a victim mentality, but her boyfriend is definitely a dick for so casually referring to victims as “rape statistics.”

Why do you need the assurance that your questions are from humans?

Because I was tired of getting spam from robots.

What’s up the new heading font? WE FEAR CHANGE. WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US.

Yes, I changed a font. It added a small measure of visual consistency across my sites. Plus, I just felt like it. Those of you who dig it, thanks for letting me know. Those of you who hate it, chill the fuck out. You’ll be used to it by Labor Day.

You’re always like “hey don’t assume I’m white, I’m anonymous and you don’t know shit blah blah.” Bitch, we’ve all seen your pasty fingers with hatefuck nails and holdin up a book in Powells. You’re white.

Bitch, all you can tell from pictures of my nails is that I ain’t Lupita Nyong’o. Maybe I’m Puerto Rican Barbie. Maybe I’m Blackanese. Maybe I’m whiter than Wonderbread stuck in Taylor Swift’s front teeth. Who the fuck knows? Point is, my privilege is checked to death and my nails look fucking fabulous.

Have you ever been punched?

Sure. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?


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