On getting a cat together

Where does “getting a cat together” fall on the seriousness of a relationship scale? My friend is dating and living with a guy I hate. They just got a cat. I feel that’s another step closer to marriage somehow.

Meh. Getting a dog together is a step closer to marriage. Getting a cat together is a step closer to a one-sided break-up.

Also, let’s be real. Unless this guy was already into cats (which is kind of its own red flag), he didn’t want a fucking cat. She wanted a cat, and he just wanted to make her happy.

Sure, she likes to tell everyone that “they” got a cat, but do you think he’ll ever once refer to it as “our cat” when she’s not in the room? Hell no. He tells his friends, “she got a cat,” and then they buy him a drink out of pity.

They might end up married. They might not. Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure: that cat won’t be living with him one day longer than she will.


3 thoughts on “On getting a cat together

  1. Andrew says:

    Perfect. I resemble that remark. You’ve nailed my 15 year marriage with an aside on cats. Scary really. Hey and in general – thanks for putting it all out there – love your work. 🙂

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