Fun-Sized Advice

On fun sized fun sized advice

I’ve always been fairly “square” but I’m getting into my prescription drugs. Not abusing them…just using them a little more than I need. Am I on the highway to hell or stairway to heaven?
You’re on the escalator to hyperbole.

Espresso or cappuccino or tea? In other words, what’s in the fucking mug?
Purple drank!

Your opinion of Mark Kostabi as a person, artist, and businessman?
Kostabi is the Kat Stacks of the art world.

Did you really compare yourself to Andy Warhol?
I dunno, did I really compare Britney Spears to Marilyn Monroe?

Is the American political system broken?
On behalf of whom?

Do you believe it is okay for someone who does philanthropic work (such as physically giving back to the community in some way) to be self-righteous?
Um, are you asking my permission to act like an asshole for doing a little charity work?

Do you feel that making life decisions that aren’t necessarily the best for you but best for your relationship can ever be justified?
Sure, all day long. It’s called codependency. Have fun!

Why do you think most people are so against ‘open relationships’?
They find it threatening to what is ultimately a false sense of security.

Do you think anyone can ever be fully self-aware?
Not without dropping the self part.

Why is the grass always greener?
Because you cast a shadow.

Well, do you want to spend four years in Downtown LA or Westwood? Everything else is just window dressing.

He dropped me like a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, he was my bad habit. Any advice? 
New Year’s is coming up, and bad habits are easy to find. Fuck it.

Your fun sized advice is no longer fun sized.
Was that better, bitch?


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